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In 2022, Paige Brubaker launched BRU EYEWEAR, a brand that holds a significant connection to her late father as it is an abbreviation of the family's last name. BRU's philosophy is rooted in embracing an open-minded approach to design, refusing to confine itself to any specific category.

Drawing inspiration from vintage fashion and architectural wonders, each pair of sunglasses from BRU EYEWEAR is named after historical buildings in the designer’s hometown of Long Beach, California. The city's diverse population and funky neighborhoods have profoundly influenced the brand. Situated between the distinct fashion of Los Angeles and Orange County, BRU ingeniously integrates a fusion of styles resulting in a unique identity that sets it apart in the eyewear market.

BRU embraces the art of pairing opposing colors to achieve striking contrasts in its designs. Beyond eyewear, this approach serves as a powerful metaphor, symbolizing the brand's vision for the world. Just as the contrasting colors come together harmoniously in BRU's designs, the brand advocates for unity and acceptance among diverse individuals, fostering an inclusive and connected society.

A commitment to sustainability is a vital aspect of BRU's values. The brand uses high-quality, eco-friendly materials to ensure its products are both stylish and environmentally responsible. BRU embraces unisex eyewear and encourages it’s wearers to express there authentic selves without limitations.

Step into the world of BRU where creativity and passion collide to create eyewear that embodies both style and purpose.